Another ‘Ethical Meat’ Seller Gets Some Bad News

I’m always a bit bothered by the idea that some companies get a whole lot of public relations mileage out of advertising a ‘clean’ source for their supply of meat. Most of us (I would assume, at least) are reasonably aware that this is complete and utter word chemistry. Regardless how individual animals are treated in exceptional cases (ie. folks who actually hold to their promises to consumers), most animals intended for restaurant consumption end up at the same slaughterhouses that the not-quite-so-happy animals are slaughtered in. It’s immaterial, really.

In any case, bitter ranting aside, here’s an ABC News story about an extremely fucked up meat producer being shut down after being caught not only abusing the animals in its ‘care’, but allowing non-ambulatory animals (you know, like mad cows) to be processed in the same facility. It’s worth reading if you have any remaining faith at all in the animal industry in the United States. You really shouldn’t.

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