Insult To Injury

If the conviction of Pussy Riot for what amounts to a religious blasphemy charge was not quite enough to raise your hackles then there’s this: Maria Alekhina, one of the imprisoned members of Pussy Riot, is vegan and is suffering hypoglycemia (as a diabetic vegan, I can empathize on a crazy number of levels) due to prison officials denying her access to vegan food. I’m sure the more cynical and less patient would have any number of impolite things to say about an imprisoned person being privileged for rejecting available food on ethical grounds (ps. fuck you), but all three of them are on a fucked up rationing of both food and sleep:

“For a third day running, the girls have been woken at 5am, held in a 1sq m unventilated room, after which they are taken to court,” said lawyer Nikolay Polozov. “They are not fed, and court sessions last up to 12 hours, during which they are only given 20-30 minutes for a small snack of dry rations. They are then taken back to remand after midnight. They are also denied an evening meal and can only sleep for small number of hours.”
lifted from here

The whole thing is pretty astonishing given the amount of international attention being given to the case. Think positive thoughts for all involved.

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